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Dr Veroljub Dugalić, Secretary General of the Association of Serbian Banks, is the winner of the prestigious international “Triumph of Technology” Award, presented to a “Leader of Modern IT Technologies”. The Award has been established by the Financial and Banking Association of Euro-Asian Cooperation together with the International Banking Council of Russia, and it will be awarded starting from this year onwards to the “International Financial and Banking Elite of Eurasia”. This year the awards have also been presented to the deserving institutions in the categories “Investment Break” and “Standard of Reliability and Development”, whereas the award designated to a leader in modern banking and finance technologies was given to Dr Dugalić for the ASB Credit Bureau project.

At the magnificent gathering organized on 30 November 2017 in “Holiday Inn Moscow Sokolniki” Hotel, attended by the government officials, bankers and other prominent guests, Dr Dugalić received the “Golden Statuette” and the diploma for the Association of Serbian Banks, i.e. its Credit Bureau. This flattering recognition attracted a lot of interest on the part of the numerous representatives of Eurasia, Central and Eastern Europe and CIS countries, which extended their congratulations and expressed their desire to learn more about the activities of the ASB Credit Bureau and the awarded IT technology.

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