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Press conference


At the press conference held at the Association of Serbian Banks on 11 January 2018, Dr Veroljub Dugalić, ASB Secretary General, presented the data from the Credit Bureau’s operations as of December 2017. The end of 2017, compared to the end of 2016, showed a noticeable 6% increase in the amount of bank loans, mostly in retail loans (8.7%), while corporate loans experienced a symbolic growth of 4.4%. When it comes to the structure of granted retail loans, cash and agricultural loans were the most prominent categories. Their year-on-year growth was most noteworthy, together with the growth of “Other”, mostly refinancing, loans. The downward trend of the share of default in the total debt in respect of bank loans has continued, the default in November 2017 amounting to 9.6%, and 8.7% in December, which is significantly lower than in December 2016, when it amounted to 11.5%. Regularity in repayment has also notably improved in respect of current accounts and credit cards. The share of NPLs in total loans continues to decrease in all segments, amounting to 11.1% at the end of December 2017, i.e. 6.4% for the retail segment, 13.8% for legal entities and 17% for entrepreneurs.

In the second part of the conference, Dr Dugalić answered the reporters’ questions about mortgage loans, the number of credit card users, the trend of bank consolidation in the Serbian banking sector, the increase of domestic capital on the banking market, as well as the causes of higher recorded profitability of banks. Furthermore, the Secretary General expounded on the direct correlation between investments, improved standard of living and loans utilization. While on the topic of interest rates, he denied the possibility of them increasing, and pointed out that it is hard to predict whether they would additionally decrease in the following year.

This press conference also presented an opportunity for Slađana Sredojević, Special Advisor for International Cooperation, Financial Markets and Education and Head of the Bank Training Center, to announce a new project called “The European Money Quiz”, which the Association of Serbian Banks is implementing in cooperation with the European Banking Federation from Brussels and the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.


Legal entities and entrepreneurs credit balance sheet

Retail credit balance sheet by type of credit

Debt in respect of bank credits

Retail debt by type of credit

Share of defaults in credit debts

Individuals' debt according leasing contracts, credit cards and current accounts

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