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Press conference


At the press conference organized by the Association of Serbian Banks on 15 June 2018, Dr Veroljub Dugalić, ASB Secretary General, presented the data from the Credit Bureau's operations for May 2018. He pointed out that the middle of the calendar year is a time when some conclusions can be drawn and pointed out that the debt in respect of bank loans has been stagnating, with the tendency of a slight decline, while in the structure of approved retail loans, the growth of cash and agricultural loans, as well as refinancing loans, has been the most prominent. The downward trend in default concerning debt in respect of bank loans is continuing, so the default at the end of May 2018 amounted to 7% (for legal entities 8.9%, for entrepreneurs 7.9% and for retail loans 7%). NPLs also continued to decrease, amounting to 9.8% as of 31.05.2018 (in the segment of legal entities 12.5%, entrepreneurs 12.2% and retail loans 5.7%).

In the second part of the conference, Dr Dugalić answered the questions from the journalists dealing with current developments in the banking sector, primarily the share of NPLs, the impact of the European Central Bank's policy on the operations of banks in Serbia, the problem of loans indexed in the Swiss franc, and especially the adopted legal position of the Supreme Court of Cassation on the permissibility of contracting loan processing fees. Bearing in mind the significance of the latter issue, as well as the current heterogeneity of the court practice in this respect, but also the fact that it has been awaited for months, this official legal position of the SCC is hereby transposed in full:


The bank has the right to collect charges and fees for banking services, hence the provision of a loan agreement that obliges the borrower to pay loan fees to the bank is not null and void if the offer of the bank contained clear and unambiguous information on the loan fees.

The loan processing fees and the loan disbursement fees, as well as other fees that the bank charges to the user when approving the loan, or which are known on the day of calculation and which the bank charges the user with during the execution of the loan agreement, can be expressed in percentage terms and charged only through the calculation of the effective interest rate.”


Legal entities and entrepreneurs credit balance sheet

Retail credit balance sheet by type of credit

Debt in respect of bank credits

Retail debt by type of credit

Share of defaults in credit debts

Individuals' debt according leasing contracts, credit cards and current accounts

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