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The initiative in the field of financial education, conducted in the form of the European Money Quiz and organised last year by the national associations of banks throughout Europe under the coordination of the European Banking Federation, will continue in 2019. Thus, students aged 13 to 15 will once again have the opportunity to compete in their knowledge of financial concepts and terms by answering questions via the online Kahoot! platform.

According to the summarised data, over 40,000 pupils from all over Europe participated in the national competitions last year, while the winners from 25 countries, including Serbia, travelled to Brussels in May 2018 to compete in the European finals organised by the European Banking Federation. On that occasion, each team had to answer 30 questions about financial literacy in their native language. The questions were made available in 22 different languages and were related to topics such as savings, loans, investments, interest, inflation, and cyber security. The team from Poland won the finals, while Ireland and Germany took the second and the third place, respectively.

In November last year, the European Money Quiz was recognised as the best 2018 Trade Body Campaign, in the Brussels awards ceremony hosted by the UK-based Public Relations and Communications Association. The expert jury, comprised of the leading European public relations experts, highly praised this project which managed to achieve significant results on a relatively modest budget.

The Association of Serbian Banks has already launched the preparations for the European Money Quiz 2019! In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, an official letter was sent to all schools in Serbia, inviting the eighth-graders from elementary schools and first-graders from secondary schools to apply for participation in the Quiz by 13 March 2019. The national round of the competition will be held during the European Money Week, on 27 March 2019, while this year’s European finals is scheduled for 7 May, in Brussels.

More about the Quiz registration, trial quizzes and game instructions, as well as the teachers’ guide can be found here.

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