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On 3-4 June, the Association of Serbian Banks hosted the Project Group for Financial Education of the European Banking Federation from Brussels, which, in addition to the high representatives of the EBF, gathers the representatives of the national associations of banks from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Poland, Italy, Luxembourg, Northern Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Austria and the Netherlands. Thanks to the active membership of the Association of Serbian Banks in this Project Group, two European projects have been launched and successfully implemented in Serbia in recent years: the European Money Week and the European Money Quiz. For both of these European initiatives, the EBF received prestigious awards for the best European-level partnerships on behalf of all involved banking associations.

During their two-day visit to Belgrade, the representatives of the EBF Project Group visited the banknote exhibition at the Visitors Centre of the National Bank of Serbia, after which the Vice Governor of the NBS, Mr Željko Jović, welcomed them on behalf of the National Bank of Serbia. The work meeting of the Project Group included the discussed on the topics such as the evaluation of the national associations’ experiences in the implementation of the European Money Quiz Project, as well as the creation of new joint initiatives in the field of financial literacy. The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality in the Republic of Serbia, Ms Brankica Jankovic, was a guest at the meeting, where she addressed the significance of financial literacy and inclusion for the society overall, emphasising the importance of cooperation between the public and private sector institutions in that field.

"The fact that the EBF and 14 banks associations from across Europe have expressed their willingness to hold a meeting of the Financial Education Project Group of the European Banking Federation in Belgrade, and have it organised by the ASB, confirms the outstanding international reputation of the Association of Serbian Banks, built over many years of constructive and active contribution to the creation of best practices in the domain of financial literacy today. We are especially pleased by the fact that new initiatives have been established at the meeting in Belgrade, which we will work on together in the coming period, as well as that new partnerships have been made with the countries that are the leaders of the modern and technologically advanced education model. The achieved international reputation of the Association of Serbian Banks and the Serbian banking sector realised in the domain of financial literacy has multiple effects, and it is certain that it stimulates and facilitates the development of new activities and cooperation in various other segments of our operations", - stated dr Slađana Sredojević, member of the EBF Project Group for Financial Education, ASB Special Advisor for International Cooperation, Financial Markets and Education, and Head of the ASB Bank Training Centre, after the meeting.

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