About Us

About Us

All banks operating in Serbia and the Belgrade Stock Exchange are members of the Association of Serbian Banks. The aim of the Association is to position and strengthen the reputation of the banking sector, both in Serbia and abroad. Since its founding in 1921, the Association of Serbian Banks has been representing, protecting and promoting the activities of its members and coordinating banking practices by means of implementing general rules and principles of professional work and good business practices. In particular, the Association performs the following operations:

  • providing expert assistance to its members with a view to enhancing and promoting their operations;
  • representing the common interests of its members before the competent state authorities and other bodies and organisations;
  • launching initiatives for adopting laws and regulations, providing opinions on drafts and proposals for laws and other regulations;
  • harmonising banking practices through rules and standards;
  • organising professional employee training in the fields of banking and finance, and issues the appropriate certificates;
  • fostering good business practice and business ethics, and determining the rules of good business conduct of its members in their mutual relations and in their relations with third parties;
  • performing the activities of the Credit Bureau – an electronic register of data on liabilities of natural and legal persons to the banks, as well as on the regularity in their settlement;
  • publishing Bankarstvo Journal, English-language professional literature translated into Serbian, brochures, handbooks and other professional publications in the fields of banking and finance;

In line with banking trends, the Association of Serbian Banks offers a set of services that significantly facilitate the banks’ operations and accelerate their development. These include, among others, providing assistance for the banks in the field of risk management, harmonising with the international standards defined by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, implementing international accounting standards and the compliance function, etc.

Organisational Units

Within the ASB, the following separate organizational units were formed:

  • Bank Training Center;
  • Credit Bureau;
  • Interbank Clearing.

The ASB Credit Bureau as a national-level institution for monitoring of and supervision over credit exposure of individuals and legal entities – clients of banks and other institutions, ranks among the most successful and most efficient in the world, with the tendency of constant improvement and extension of its scope of services.

Its members are all banks, leasing companies, all mobile network operators, all government funds and agencies, insurance companies and other institutions. The counters of the Credit Bureau are all banks’ counters, about 2000 of them, all over Serbia.

The operations of the Bank Clearing Institution are based on the state-of-the-art equipment and software, guaranteeing the settlement of transactions within the shortest possible time framework, in a reliable and professional manner. For this project the Association of Serbian Banks won the European Banking Technology Award in November 2005 in London. This project enabled the settlement of cheques from all banks operating in the country to be reduced from 12 days to less than an hour.

The ASB Bank Training Centre organizes professional training for employees in the field of banking and finance, symposia, seminars, roundtables and bank apprentice exams.

The members of the Association of Serbian Banks are all banks operating in Serbia. The ASB is a member of the European Banking Federation (EBF), European Bank Training Network (EBTN), Banking Association for Central and Eastern Europe (BACEE), International Coordinating Council of Banking Associations in CIS, Central and Eastern Europe (International Banking Council –IBC), InterBalkan Forum of Bank Associations, and Commission on Banking Technology and Practice of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), as well as the Sustainable Banking Network (SBN). The ASB has an intense cooperation with numerous foreign institutions, banking associations, banks and the International Chamber of Commerce.

Gathering the representatives of banks and the Association, there are 14 active ASB expert committees for: risk and capital management; foreign operations; retail operations; financial markets development; legal operations; accounting; taxation system; compliance function; digital banking; information technologies; payment system; education and HR; marketing and PR; security.

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