Bank Clients’ Security

The security of bank clients is nowadays a challenge for both the banks and clients themselves. Banks design their systems to ensure the maximum security of the data and services they contain. To achieve this, the banks are guided by global standards, best practices and current recommendations.

Security is achieved through a layered approach by ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of all elements of the system.

As security depends on all elements, the security of the end user of banking services is an area that bankers pay particular attention to. This topic is discussed in more detail in this part of the website.

Due to their desire to provide the best possible results in the security segment, the banks have formed a Security Committee within the Association of Serbian Banks, which considers the issues of security of bank clients, among their other activities.

In this part of the website we present the recommendations and advice of the ASB Security Committee to bank clients.

The ASB Security Committee comprises the representatives of the following banks:

  1. Addiko Bank a.d. Belgrade;
  2. Agroindustrijsko komercijalna banka AIK banka a.d. Belgrade;
  3. Banca Intesa a.d. Belgrade;
  4. Postal Savings Bank a.d. Belgrade;
  5. Crédit Agricole Bank Serbia a.d. Novi Sad;
  6. Erste Bank a.d. Novi Sad;
  7. Komercijalna banka a.d. Belgrade;
  8. Mobi banka a.d. Belgrade;
  9. Raiffeisen Bank a.d. Belgrade;
  10. Unicredit Bank Serbia a.d. Belgrade;
  11. Vojvođanska banka a.d. Novi Sad and OTP Bank a.d. Belgrade.
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