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The concept of professional specialisation of bankers organised by the Association of Serbian Banks must suit the needs of its members in the given circumstances, and provide the appropriate minimum of quality. The needs of the members are extremely complex, since they cover various topical fields within banking technique and practice. What is considered to be the mission of the Bank Training Centre and the Association, but also the need of its members, is to move in line with the current innovations in the world, in order to raise the general level of competence, professionalism and ethics in banking and other financial organisations. What is particularly taken into consideration is that it is necessary for the banks, other financial organisations, and other interested organisations to meet the standards set by the international professional organisations and associations in respect of the methodology of work and certification of knowledge of employees occupying certain positions, practitioners and management. Therefore, the Bank Training Centre programme aims to provide the member banks of the Association of Serbian Banks with the high-quality and timely access to the contemporary trends, both in terms of the quality and method of lectures’ delivery, and in terms of certification of the acquired knowledge. A successful example of such practice is the cooperation with ACI (Financial Markets Association) and issuance of certificates and diplomas for handling financial instruments in foreign currencies.

Bank Training Centre within the Association of Serbian Banks was established with a view to providing organisational support to the educational function of the Association and creating conditions for the more intense training in the form of day-to-day activities. The manners, forms and technologies behind teaching and educating adults are continuously changing with the changing environment. In line with that, we aim for the Association of Serbian Banks to continuously improves quantitatively in the domain of expert training for bank employees, through its programmes, partnerships, etc. Throughout the year, the following activities are realised:

  • Seminars for bank employees delivered by eminent experts both from Serbia and from abroad:
    • Specialist seminars in the field of bank operations, innovations, solidifying and expanding knowledge;
    • Workshops – practical training in particular bank operations;
    • Lectures – one-day or multi-day lectures in the wide range of bank fields, or in fields related to banking and finance;
    • Certificate courses for conducting certain bank operations, e.g. FX dealers (cambists), including ACI certificates and ACI diplomas for handling financial instruments.
  • Exams for bank apprentices – The Association of Serbian Banks organises professional training for bank apprentices. The lectures are usually held by the ASB employees and, if the need arises, also by eminent experts in certain fields who do not work at the Association.
  • Conferences – The Association has a long tradition in the organisation of conferences related to the numerous specialist topics. Lasting for 2-3 days, these conferences gather the eminent experts in the banking practice, from the associations, universities, National Bank of Serbia, Serbian Government, other guests frequently being the experts from other relevant domestic and foreign institutions.
  • Roundtables – The Association often organises roundtables, either on its own or in cooperation with other relevant partners, with a view to keeping a follow-up of the current activities in the domestic and global markets.

In addition to the cooperation with its partners in Serbia, Bank Training Centre also has an active cooperation with the foreign partners. At the moment, the largest volume of cooperation is achieved with Agency for Transfer of Technology in Finance - ATTF, Luxembourg, and with the European Bank Training Network – EBTN, in which the Association has been a full member since 2008.

We kindly ask you to share your suggestions for the new topics to the ASB Bank Training Centre, by phone: +381 11 30 20 527, or e-mail:

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