20 Years of the Bank Training Centre


The Bank Training Centre (BTC) at the Association of Banks and Other Financial Organisations of Yugoslavia was established in 2001 with the aim of organisationally supporting the educational function of the Association of Banks and creating conditions for intensifying education as a daily activity. That function had already been conceived by then and was taking place through various forms, such as lectures, exams for trainees in banks, specialist courses and schools, etc. In establishing the BTC, our cooperation with the Bankakademie Frankfurt, today's Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, played a large role.

The decision on its establishment was adopted by the Board of Directors of the Association of Yugoslav Banks at its XVII session held on 15 May 2001. With that decision, the Board of Directors established the Bank Training Centre within the Association of Yugoslav Banks, which will then be developed according to the needs of domestic banking in this area. Shortly afterwards, the competencies and activities of the Bank Training Centre were defined by the ASB Statute and regulated by internal acts - procedures, principles, and policies.

Even today, after 20 years, the initial ideas, mission and goals have not changed. The concept of professional development of employees in banks, organised by the Association of Serbian Banks, seeks to meet the needs of members and to provide an appropriately high level of quality.

On the occasion of marking the 20th anniversary of the Bank Training Centre, a conference was held on 3-4 November 2021, titled: STRATEGIC BUSINESS MANAGEMENT - SYNERGY OF HUMAN CAPITAL AND SUSTAINABLE TRANSFORMATIONS IN A CHANGING ENVIRONMENT.

The conference included several forms - lectures, counselling, case studies, research presentations, and discussions, within 6 thematic panels.

The conference program was designed to show the strategic role of human capital (education, qualifications, competencies, new knowledge, and skills) in business management today and to present the activities of the Bank Training Centre of the Association of Serbian Banks in several directions, both domestically and internationally.

The conference was attended by 44 speakers from 19 countries, as well as hundreds of listeners from the country and around the world. Through the ceremonial part of the conference, we had the opportunity to go through a retrospective of the history of the Bank Training Centre (founding and development), as well as to view a film based on the rich archives of the Bank Training Centre, made as a tribute and a token of gratitude to all who participated in its development.

More about the conference speakers and presentations available at:


If you were not able to follow our conference, you can watch the video on the link

first day of the conference and

second day of the conference

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