Partners and Memberships

Agency for Financial Technology Transfers - ATTF

In 2003 the Association of Serbian Banks started the cooperation with the Agency for Financial Technology Transfers – ATTF, Luxembourg, as one of the most eminent providers of banking seminars and trainings in the EU market. Until today, the Association of Serbian Banks has organized about 40 seminars in cooperation with ATTF, the lecturers being the renowned foreign experts with the practical experience in banks, audit companies, investment funds, and other financial institutions in the EU.

ATTF was established in 1999 in Luxembourg by the Ministry of Finance of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (majority shareholder), the Central Bank of Luxembourg, the Chamber of Commerce of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Financial Sector Supervision Commission, the Institute for Training in Banking, the Luxembourg Bankers’ Association, and the University of Luxembourg. The objectives of this Agency are the following:

  • to meet requests for training and consulting in financial matters emanating from countries that have a proven need for the acquisition of financial knowledge;
  • to provide technical assistance in financial matters and promote Luxembourg as a Financial Centre to partner countries/regions;
  • to make the best use of the availability of Luxembourg public funding



European Banking & Financial Services Training Association - EBTN

n September 2007 the Association of Serbian Banks applied to the European Banking and Financial Services Training Association – EBTN with the request for a full membership in this institution. The application procedure for bank associations applying for the EBTN full membership is based on the EBTN Statute provisions. At the General meeting held on November 14th, 2007 in Paris, the Association of Serbian Banks’ full membership application was examined and formally granted by the European Banking Training Network. Thereby the Association of Serbian Banks became a full member with voting rights, actively contributing to the operation of the EBTN management bodies through its representative in the EBTN Board of Directors. Thus, the Association of Serbian Banks got the opportunity for full participation in all current projects and programs regarding banking and financial training, which are presently ran by the EBTN, and which banks in Serbia may find useful.

EBTN is a non-profit association of the bank associations and/or bank training institutes from all European countries (full members) and the rest of the countries in the world (associate members without individual voting rights) which represent the interests of the banking industry and the activities of bank training. At the moment, there are 36 full members and 11 associate members. The EBTN is based in Luxembourg, its Secretariat being located in Rome.



Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

On 25 July 2016 the Association of Serbian Banks signed the Agreement on Cooperation with the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, seated in Frankfurt, Germany. The subject of this agreement is the partnership between this school and the ASB as its local partner in implementing the online courses (LinkEd e-learning Certification Courses) targeted at bank employees, organized and implemented by the Frankfurt School. The students attending these Frankfurt School courses will have an opportunity to take the relevant tests and exams on the ASB premises in Belgrade.

The Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (former Bankakademie, which was in the past among the originators of the establishment of the ASB Bank Training Centre), is one of the biggest educational institutions in the world. This school offers training for bank employees, specialist courses for students and young people expressing interest in banking, but also academic programs ranging from undergraduate to doctoral degree levels. For many years their main field was banking and finance, but over time, as a result of their growing reputation and changing environment, this school profiled the educational programs in other fields of modern business as well. It has over 86 branches in Germany and several joint initiatives with other partners worldwide.

From the perspective of the ASB Bank Training Centre, this cooperation is a rather significant opportunity to exchange experiences, and the basis for the next steps in advancing the educational activities targeted at the employees in the banking sector.


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