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  • “Doing Business Report 2010”: According to this World Bank’s Report which measures the conditions of doing business and progress in reforms in 183 countries worldwide, in the category of access to credit information the ASB Credit Bureau was awarded the highest grade, ranking 4th in the world.
  • International Monetary Fund: “Credit Bureau in Serbia is a success story”.
  • Banking Association for Central and Eastern Europe (BACEE): “According to its technological solutions Credit Bureau of the Association of Serbian Banks is at least at the level of major credit bureaus in the world (Shuffa, Crif)”
  • OECD, Investment Reform Index (2010): According to the OECD Report on the quality of credit information exchange in ten countries of Southeastern Europe, the ASB Credit Bureau was the only one to receive the highest possible grade (5) when it comes to comprehensiveness and depth of credit information; time required to generate reports; completeness in data collection; data security and protection.
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