Center for Incident Prevention in ICT Systems of Financial Institutions - FIN-CSIRT

One of the key activities in the field of prevention of and response to cyber incidents is the process of information sharing between relevant participants. Carefully monitoring the develpments in the country that followed the adoption of the Law on Information Security, such as the establishment of the National CERT and the accompanying network of CERTs, the best global practice, and the activities of the European Central Bank (CIISI-EU initiative), the Association decided that it was time to establish the Center for Incident Prevention in ICT financial systems of institutions, and in May 2021 the ASB registered the Special CERT (shortname FIN-CSIRT), in accordance with the Law on Information Security.

FIN-CSIRT, as the first sectoral CERT in the country, enables the formalisation of cooperation between financial institutions and other relevant participants in the country and abroad, with the aim of creating more efficient cyber resilience of the entire financial sector of our country.

Another important goal of the financial CERT is to raise awareness among financial services users, with the aim of informing them and creating a safer and more reliable digital environment for all categories of financial services users.

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