Child and Youth Finance International – CYFI

In March 2013 the Association of Serbian Banks became a member of Child and Youth Finance International (CYFY). The ASB membership in this institution was supported by the banks, and by the National Bank of Serbia itself. At the initiative of banks gathered within the ASB Education and Human Resources Committee, which showed rather high awareness of the necessity to jointly address these issues, several concrete proposals were put forward concerning the potential cooperation of the ASB with its member banks. Banks expressed their readiness to coordinate with their Association the implementation of both classical (workshops for children, youth, citizens) and innovative forms of financial education, thereby respecting all required norms: neutrality of information, absence of advertising, implementation of ethical standards, etc. In this way, the representatives of the industry would proactively implement financial education in their sector, at the same time facilitating education in general, informing their future clients, contributing to social responsibility of banks and positive perception of banks in the public.

Child and Youth Finance International – CYFY is a movement whose goal is to enable every child to have access to financial services (first and foremost, savings), to enhance its own understanding of the financial services’ importance through financial education, to acquire a possibility for its own savings and income, thereby contributing to higher stability and quality of both its own and the future of the society as a whole.


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