European Banking Federation - EBF

At the 105th session of the Managing Board of the European Banking Federation – EBF held on September 28th 2007 in Brussels, Belgium, the Association of Serbian Banks was granted the status of the EBF associate member starting from October 1st, 2007.

The EBF, based in Brussels, Belgium, was established in 1960 as a united voice of the banks founded in Europe. The EBF represents the interests of more than 5.000 large and small European banks, from 31 EU and EFTA countries, whose total assets amount to over EUR 30.000 billion and whose number of employees exceeds 2.4 million. The EBF represents, defends and promotes the interests of its members, thus also fulfilling some broader aims:

  • Reputation of the banking sector and its social and economic significance
  • Supporting the EU policies in promotion of the single financial market
  • Promoting the regulation in the EU
  • Advocating free and fair competition in the EU and in the world markets
  • Supporting the efficiency and competitiveness of banks
  • Expanding the importance of the corporate social responsibility of the banking sector

The membership of the ASB in the EBF implies the integration of the Serbian banking sector into the EU, and represents the huge contribution of the Serbian banking sector to the European integrations on a national level.

Link to EBF: www.ebf.eu

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