On 01.09.2017 the Association of Serbian Banks signed the Memorandum on Cooperation with the European Institute of Compliance and Ethics (EICE). In its activities, the European Institute of Compliance and Ethics covers the following fields:

  • Organisation of trainings in the field of compliance and ethics in order to assist compliance professionals, managers and organisations in various industries across the Adriatic region with the aim of enhancing their abilities to institute compliance programs and compliance risk management practices, as well as facilitating ethical behaviour.
  • Building up the strong support for compliance professionals by providing them with access to the international network and connecting them with other similar functions from various industries (risk management, internal audit, social responsibility, PR, etc.).
  • Supporting further development and professionalisation of this young corporate function, in accordance with the professional standards and best practice in compliance and ethics, with the full recognition of local specificities.
  • Assistance for organisations in our region so that they could retrieve/maintain/strengthen their reputation, stability and trust, resulting in stronger competitive advantages at the international level, as well as the ability to meet the top requirements related to compliance and ethics.
  • Impacting the broad international environment in order to encourage further development of legitimate, fair and transparent business practices.

Link: eisep.si/en

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