Membership in the National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce Serbia (NC ICC Serbia)

The cooperation between the Association of Serbian Banks and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is achieved through the National Committee (NC) of the ICC Serbia, whose member the ASB became back in 1927, right after its establishment. The activities of the NC ICC Serbia are undertaken at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, a collective member of the ICC Paris, and are regulated by the Statute and Work Plan.

From the very beginnings of the NC ICC till today the members have always been manufacturing and foreign trade companies, associations, business communities, banking, financial and other related specialized organizations, respectable public personalities and experts. The membership in the NC ICC Serbia provides the opportunity for direct participation in all ICC Commissions, thus providing a chance for the ASB to influence the stipulation of rules which regulate the relations in the international economic activities. The Association of Serbian Banks is a member of the Commission on banking technique and practice, and, by actively participating in the operations of this Commission, the ASB enables its member banks to timely and directly access the information on the newly established rules.

Link to the International Chamber of Commerce: iccwbo.org
Link to the Serbian Chamber of Commerce: www.pks.rs

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