UNICEF - United Nations Children’s Fund

In September 2013 the Association of Serbian Banks signed the Memorandum of Understanding with UNICEF Serbia. The objective of cooperation between UNICEF Serbia and the Association of Serbian Banks is the joint promotion of children’s rights in everyday operations of banks; promotion of socially responsible business focusing on children; and organization of financial education of children and youth through the Initiative for Developing Children-Friendly Financial Products and Services. The partnership of these two organizations will enable for the ASB members to get regularly and more closely informed about the initiatives and guidelines launched by UNICEF, in its desire to enable financial institutions better insight into the impact of their business on respecting and supporting children’s rights in the context of their market activities, development, advertising and sales of financial products and services. Thanks to the cooperation that UNICEF has already developed with Child and Youth Finance International, whose member the ASB became in 2013, the Association of Serbian Banks will receive considerable support and synergy in the field of children and youth financial education, for instance, through the organization of workshops for pupils and teachers, where they will get familiar with the basics of finance and banking terminology they meet almost every day.

As a children’s fund, UNICEF has been an integral part of the United Nations’ system since its establishment. Yugoslavia was among the first countries to sign the Basic Agreement on Cooperation with UNICEF, back in 1947. In the decades that followed the cooperation was continuous, and in 1991 UNICEF opened its office in Belgrade. Since 2000, UNICEF has focused on supporting the development of strategies and programs that would help Serbia to become compliant with the European standards, providing the most marginalized and discriminated children with a chance to get integrated into the society and grow up into healthy individuals, finish their schooling and achieve their full potential.


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