Management Bodies

The Association is governed by its members, through their authorised representatives, appointed within the bodies of the Association, with equal rights of vote.

The bodies of the Association are:

  • The Assembly, as a body of all members of this association of banks;
  • The Board of Directors, as a management body;
  • The Supervisory Board, as a supervisory body;
  • The Secretary, as an executive body.

At the annual session of the Assembly of the Association of Serbian Banks, held on 15.06.2022 the Decisions on the election of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board were adopted, with their members being as follows:


Members of the ASB Board of Directors:

  • BANCA INTESA a.d. Belgrade;
  • OTP BANK Serbia a.d. Belgrade;
  • UNICREDIT BANK SERBIA a.d. Belgrade;
  • RAIFFEISEN BANK a.d. Belgrade;
  • POSTAL SAVINGS BANK a.d. Belgrade;
  • ERSTE BANK a.d. Novi Sad;
  • EUROBANK DIREKTNA a.d. Belgrade;
  • AIK BANKA a.d. Belgrade.

At the I constitutive session of the Board of Directors, held on 05.10.2022, Predrag Mihajlović, President of the Executive Board of OTP BANK a.d. Novi Sad, was elected President of the ASB Board of Directors, while Nikola Vuletić, President of the Executive Board of Unicredit Bank Serbia a.d. Belgrade, was elected Deputy President of the Board of Directors.

By decision of the Assembly of the Association of Serbian Banks from 15.06.2022, a Supervisory Board consisting of 3 members was elected, with a mandate of four years. The Supervisory Board, at its first session on 16.06.2023, passed the Decision on the election of the President and Deputy President of the Supervisory Board, where Igor Anić, Procredt bank a.d. Belgrade, was elected President, and Vojislav Lazarević, Addiko bank a.d. Belgrade, was elected Deputy President.

Members of the ASB Supervisory Board:

  • PROCREDIT BANK a.d. Belgrade;
  • ADDIKO BANK a.d. Belgrade;
  • HALKBANK a.d. Belgrade.


Current list of members of the ASB Board of Directors:

  1. Darko Popović - Banca Intesa a.d. Belgrade
  2. Predrag Mihajlović - OTP Bank Serbia a.d. Belgrade
  3. Vlastimir Vuković - NLB Komercijalna banka a.d. Belgrade 
  4. Nikola Vuletić - Unicredit Bank Serbia a.d. Belgrade
  5. Zoran Petrović - Raiffeisen Bank a.d. Belgrade
  6. Bojan Kekić -  Postal Savings Bank a.d. Belgrade
  7. Jasna Terzić - Erste Bank a.d. Novi Sad
  8. Slavica Pavlović - Eurobank Direktna a.d. Belgrade
  9. Petar Jovanović - AIK banka a.d. Belgrade.


Current list of members of the ASB Supervisory Board:

  1. Igor Anić - ProCredit Bank a.d. Belgrade;
  2. Vojislav Lazarević - Addiko Bank a.d. Belgrade;
  3. Aziz Arslan - Halkbank a.d. Belgrade.

Secretary General

At its VI meeting held on March 13, 2023, the Board of Directors of the Association of Serbian Banks elected Mrs. Marina Papadakis as the new Secretary General, who will take over the position at the end of the month.

Mrs Papadakis began her career at a renowned law firm where she spent more than 10 years working on corporate legal matters. She then continued her career as a long-term manager at the National Bank of Serbia, where she worked in the Directorate for Legislative and Legal Affairs, the Governor's Office, the Sector for Bank Restructuring and as a representative of the National Bank of Serbia in the Mission of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union.

Marina established a law firm in Belgrade, where the focus of her work was on corporate and commercial legal affairs, including competition law, regulatory and administrative law, as well as European law.

By electing Marina Papadakis as Secretary General, the Association of Serbian Banks will continue to improve cooperation with all relevant institutions and actors on the banking and financial market, with regulatory bodies, with bank clients and their representatives, with the permanent goal of improving and modernising the banking system of Serbia.

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