Sanja Jevtović

Tax System and Financial Reporting Specialist

Sanja has over 20 years of professional experience in the financial sector, particularly in the field of financial reporting and taxation. She graduated from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics, with a master’s degree in accounting and auditing. She also gained professional knowledge as a certified accountant, certified internal auditor (Chamber of Authorized Auditors, 2014) and tax advisor (specialist studies at the Faculty of Law, 2016).

During the 15 years she spent working at the Ministry of Finance, as Head of the Financial System Sector and president and member of working groups, she participated in drafting laws regarding accounting and auditing, as well as many regulations in the fieldwork of the Ministry of finance and the National Bank of Serbia, defining the financial system of the republic of Serbia. She was President and a member of the National Accounting Committee (2003-2013).

She has experience with international projects related to enhancing the financial reporting framework and consultancy regarding the harmonization with the EU regulations and the best international practices (Head of the World Bank Project – Strategy for Improving Corporate Financial Reporting in Serbia (2009 - 2011)). She also has years’ worth of experience working in the banking sector, as she managed the accounting department and the internal audit department in the NLB Bank (2004-2008). She was President of the Board of Directors of Čačanska Banka (2011-2013), on behalf of the Republic of Serbia.

Within the Association of Serbian Banks, she coordinates the work of the ASB Accounting Committee and the ASB Taxation Committee, actively participates in the creation of all initiatives towards government bodies, in order to improve the regulatory environment, and mediates the resolution of open issues in the implementation of regulations within the competence of expert committees. She was also a member of the Working Group for the Implementation of IFRS 9 in the Banking Sector (National Bank of Serbia, as of May 2017). She is the author and reviewer of professional accounting and tax reports, as well as a programme editor of expert advice in the field of IFRS and taxation, which include other current areas that may have an impact on the banks' financial and regulatory reporting.

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