Direct Debit as a Payment System - PLATIMATIK

Direct Debit (Platimatik) - System for the Payment of Citizens' Regular Monthly Obligations

With the desire to increase the efficiency of the payment system in Serbia and to make payments cheaper and easier for citizens, the Association of Serbian Banks, with the support of the National Bank of Serbia, launched ASB Direct Debit (Platimatik) - a new system for paying citizens' monthly bills.

Direct Debit is based on a model where the payer (individual) gives consent to the issuer of the account to collect funds from the payer's account, in accordance with the terms of the consent.

The payer's bank will debit the payer's account on the due date of the obligation's maturity, for which the payer has provided written  consent. An account cannot be debited earlier.

The payer's account will be debited for the amount indicated on the invoice issued by the payee or the company that is the service provider.

The Direct Debit system is designed to save users' time and money. The process is fully automated and the use of services for citizens and legal entities is free of charge. By using Direct Debit, clients avoid paying commission fees, while at the same time saving money, since service providers can give discounts for regular settlements of obligations.

Direct Debit is ideal for users who do not have too much time available, as it requires their engagement only when giving initial consent.

This new payment instrument is extremely safe for users. The transactions are carried out within banks that have control systems in place. In addition, a Direct Debit user is entitled to a refund - a refund of money collected on the basis of an individual order, without obligation to state the reason for the withdrawal of funds. They are also entitled to a recall - withdrawal of a direct debit instruction before their account is debited.

Direct debits, according to which the Direct Debit (Platimatik) system operates, are an efficient and automated way of settling regular monthly obligations. Thanks to better cost control, time saving and user-friendliness, they have become the most commonly used instrument for settling bills in many European countries.

It is estimated that 12 million bills are issued in Serbia every month and that more than 60% of bills in Serbia are settled on time.

Join the Direct Debit automated payment system today. Contact our colleagues by email at for more information.

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