ASB Participated in the Development of a European Publication on Financial Literacy

Category: Education 20 November 2020

The European Banking Federation (EBF), based in Brussels, has published the EBF Financial Literacy Playbook for Europe, which is the result of the work and activities of the EBF Project Group for Financial Education. The Association of Serbian Banks, as an associate member of the EBF and this Project Group, actively participated in the development of the publication, which is available at the following link or in PDF format at the end of the text.

The most important EFB Project Group for Financial Education projects in whose creation and implementation the ASB is involved are:

  1. European Money Week - since 2016, this event has been marked by all national associations in Europe, including the ASB. For this initiative, the EBF and national associations received the 2016 European Public Affairs Award for Best Trade Association Campaign.
  2. European Money Quiz - an online educational learning format, with a quiz and competition at the national and European level, which has been conducted throughout Europe since 2018. This initiative won the 2019 European Association Award for the Best Association Partnership or Collaboration for the organisation of the 2019 European Money Quiz.
  3. National financial education programmes implemented by national associations of banks, and other partners.

The aim of this publication and the presentation of these projects is to further promote the importance of financial education, in order to achieve financial resilience and stability, as well as to draw the attention of decision makers and legislators at international and national levels to the efforts to strengthen confidence in the banking system.

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