The Second BankMark Conference Showed Notable Success

Category: Activities 30 September 2019

The second BankMark Conference entitled BankMark 2019 - Marketing in Banks, held on 27 September and organised by the ASB, gathered many marketing experts from banks, marketing agencies, market research agencies, leading companies and institutions.

The conference was opened by Zlata Lukić, PhD, the Special Advisor for Marketing and PR at the Association of Serbian Banks, highlighting in her speech that colleagues from the region were also in attendance this year, and that BankMark 2019 had, thus, gathered participants and representatives from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. “When we announce BankMark, we categorise it as the only event on marketing and communications dedicated to the banks. And that is truly so. In the last years, the trend of dealing with marketing topics at many different events is increasingly prominent, but none of those events is dedicated to the narrow target group of marketing experts in banks. We discovered the need and the space to enable a platform for exchanging experiences among colleagues working in marketing and communications in banks, of course, within the limits granted by the bank market conditions. That is how BankMark was first organised last year!”

This year as well, the lecturers and panellists were eminent experts who presented their experiences, trends and the results of research in relevant fields. The working part of the conference started with a segment on regulations that highlighted the importance of self-regulating in communications, with Vanda Kučera, CGO at &F McCann Group, attorney at law dealing with media, and Jelena Ivanović, Executive Director of the National Association for Ethical Advertising Standards, participating in this discussion.

Within the expert panel that followed, the participants had the opportunity to listen and take part in the discussion on the topic of new challenges that the Law on Protection of Personal Data brings to direct marketing. The panellists briefly discussed the situation and trends in the region concerning the GDPR regulations. The second panel was dedicated to the ever present topic of agency-client relationships, and the participants tried to answer the question whether the client is really always right. This segment was rounded off by Milena Đorić Gudurić, Marketing Manager for Serbia and Montenegro at MasterCard, with her inspiring presentation on how to create an invaluable user experience.

Until the end of the day, the participants had the opportunity to hear another three great presentations. The topic of neuromarketing in banking and finances was covered by Nikolaos Dimitriadis, PhD, Executive Director as Trizma Neuro, eminent lecturer and a distinguished expert in this relatively new field. After gaining superb insight into the world of neuroresearch, the conference returned to more traditional methods and the overview of current information on the perception of banks in public, i.e. the presence of banks in the media, presented by Snežana Savić, from Ipsos and Ivana Milošević, from Kliping d.o.o.

After the closing of the conference, which had been characterised by a high quality programme and dynamic discussions, is was concluded that BankMark has great potential as a platform for improving the profession through an exchange of relevant ideas and experiences at the level of the banking sector. Association of Serbian Banks also received positive feedback on their faultless organisation and this spot-on initiative which has the realistic potential to become a hub for the traditional gathering of marketing experts.

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