The Association of Serbian Banks Marked 100 Years of Operation

Category: Press Release 4 December 2021

The Association of Serbian Banks today marked its centenary with the ceremonial unveiling of a memorial plaque in the building at 12 Zmaj Jovina Street in Belgrade, at the place where the Association was founded.

On this very day, a century ago, in the building of the then Prometna Banka, representatives of “money institutes”, as banks were then called, met and formed the Association of Banks, with the aim of jointly representing their interests and improving the banking system in general. The Association of Serbian Banks has retained this function to this day.

"Enduring for 100 years deserves respect in the face of history," said the Governor of the National Bank, Jorgovanka Tabaković, in a welcome address via video. "Today, the National Bank is the guarantor of the stability of the banking system. We are at the same time a cautious regulator, which finds a balance between safety and development. In such a positive climate, we are witnessing the development of our banking sector and our banking indicators are the best in the region. "

"The Association of Serbian Banks has always had a clear role to represent banks, to protect their interests, and to actively participate with the National Bank and all other important institutions in creating conditions for a more favourable business environment that will contribute to the better quality of services provided by banks," said, President of the Board of Directors of the Association of Serbian Banks, Predrag Mihajlović.

"We are aware of the huge changes that are happening in banking, as well as the transformation of the role of banks. However, with all these changes, banks will continue to articulate their interests in the best way through the Association of Banks ", pointed out the ASB Secretary General, Vladimir Vasić. "We are convinced that we will be successful in our work, because we have the support of an excellent and stable banking sector, as well as the support of all the most important institutions in society. That is why I am very optimistic when it comes to the work of the Association, the development of banking in Serbia and the economic progress of our country in general."

The Association of Serbian Banks is an organisation that brings together banks on a voluntary basis. All 24 banks operating in our country are members of the ASB.

Pictures from the ceremony
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