Banks Take Measures to Protect Customers and Employees from the Covid-19 Epidemic

Category: News 16 March 2020

Banks in Serbia have adapted their operations to the current situation in our country and have taken numerous measures to protect the health of their clients and employees.

The sanitary and hygiene standards in the branch offices have been raised to the highest level, with individual instructions varying from bank to bank. The banks have already been prepared to take these measures and, in accordance with legal obligations and internal procedures, have in place adequate plans for dealing with such situations.

What is most important for citizens is the recommendation that they should only come to the branch offices if necessary, respect the prescribed patterns of behaviour, and make more intensive use of digital channels. They have 24/7 mobile and electronic banking options available, as well as call centres and banks' websites where they can get information. According to the World Health Organisation, citizens are advised to use non-cash forms of payment whenever possible, in order to avoid contact with cash.

“In the situation in which Serbia is today, and which the whole world is also facing, it is important for citizens to have reliable and safe banking services at their disposal. As someone who is in daily contact with all financial institutions, I can say that the banking sector in Serbia is fully prepared to provide this service", says Vladimir Vasić, Secretary General of the Association of Serbian Banks.

When it comes to the protection of bank employees, extensive measures have also been taken in that regard. Most often, the measures concern avoiding face-to-face meetings and switching to digital communication, limiting business trips and raising hygiene standards. Banks individually consider the option of working from home, but this does not in any way affect the services provided to clients.

The Association of Serbian Banks will regularly inform the public about the issues relevant to users of banking services in Serbia.

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