The Association of Serbian Banks and its Members Donated Funds for 50 Ventilators

Category: News 6 April 2020

As socially responsible companies, the banks in Serbia have made donations to join the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic in Serbia. The banking sector’s direct financial support to the National Health Insurance Fund (RFZO) has so far amounted to about RSD 100 million, and individual donations from banks are still being made.

"The banking sector shares the fate of the citizens, economy and state, and all banks in Serbia considered it their obligation not only to support businesses and citizens, but also to directly assist the competent system institutions that are fighting to stop the epidemic in our country," says Mr Vladimir Vasić, Secretary General of the Association of Serbian Banks.

At this difficult time, the donated funds will enable the National Health Insurance Fund to provide some of the medical equipment and materials that healthcare facilities need in order to combat the coronavirus. "Having understood that this is the time to show generosity and solidarity in action, we invite others to join and help as much as they can," says Mr Vladimir Vasić, ASB Secretary General.

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