The Second Moratorium Worth Almost One Billion Euros

Category: Press Release 21 August 2020

According to the aggregate banking sector data announced today by the Association of Serbian Banks, the second moratorium on liabilities towards the banks has been accepted by 82% of retail and 69% of corporate clients. The second delay in liabilities repayment is worth almost one billion euros.

This share is higher in the segment of micro and small legal entities (71% and 62%, respectively), whereas a half of medium and large enterprises have decided to continue to repay their obligations.

When it comes to the retail clients with housing loans, one half of them have opted for the moratorium. The share of such clients with cash loans, credit cards and overdrafts reaches 84%.

„The data confirm the trend of small and micro enterprises being more exposed to the effects of the crises caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and we can also see that the percentage of clients having accepted moratorium is higher in the group of clients with lower-value loans”, says Vladimir Vasić, Secretary General of the Association of Serbian Banks.

Through the two stages of moratorium, back in March and now, the total support provided by the banking sector to overcoming the pandemic-caused crisis has reached the value of almost 3 billion euros. Additional support has been granted in the form of guarantee-scheme loans worth another 2 billion euros.

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