The Second Moratorium Expires, Clients Choose Further Repayment Methods

Category: Press Release 25 September 2020

The second delay in the repayment of liabilities to banks expires on Wednesday, 30 September. In the coming days, banks will deliver a new repayment plan to clients who have accepted the moratorium, via post or e-mail, and clients will have 7 days to comment on the offered plan.

"We advise clients to carefully read the letter from their bank and choose the option that suits them best. The first option is to accept the repayment plan offered by the bank, in which the repayment period is extended by the duration of the moratorium, and the interest from the moratorium is allocated to the remaining loan repayment time. Another possibility, if the financial situation allows, is to pay the arrears at once, together with interest, and continue the repayment according to the previous plan. The third possibility is to pay only interest, and to extend the loan repayment period by the number of instalments for which the moratorium was valid. In any case, the decision is up to the citizens and it is important that they know that", says Vladimir Vasić, Secretary General of the Association of Serbian Banks.

The second moratorium was accepted by 82% of citizens and 69% of companies. The total value of suspended liabilities is almost EUR 1 billion.

Since the outbreak of the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, banks have been involved in various ways to enable the population and companies to more easily overcome the consequences. The first moratorium was announced in March and was worth about EUR 2 billion, and the second at the end of July (worth almost EUR 1 billion), while the guarantee scheme for lending to businesses was worth about EUR 2 billion.

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